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Copyright Notice for Drake Community Library Web Site

Under the fair use clause of the 1976 Copyright Act, you may use the digital images and collection descriptions found on the web site of Drake Community Library for non-commercial, personal, or research purposes only.  Any other use, whether by electronic means or otherwise, without prior written permission of Drake Community Library is prohibited.

If you wish to publish or reproduce the materials in any physical or digital form, or use them for any commercial purpose, you must obtain prior written permission from Library.
Please contact the library at 641-236-2661 or marilyn@grinnelliowa.gov for further information or questions. See also Conditions for Image Reproduction and Photograph Fees.

Conditions for Image Reproduction

1. In giving permission to publish a manuscript, photograph, or other item from the archives, Drake Community Library does not surrender its own right to publish the manuscript, photograph, or item, or to grant permission to others to publish it.

2. Credit must be given to "Drake Community Library, Grinnell, Iowa" and the creator of the item (e.g. the author or photographer) if known.

3. Images may not be digitally enhanced or digitally changed in any way.  Any use of an image other than as a straightforward reproduction of the image received must be cleared, in writing, with Drake Community Library staff.

4. Drake Community Library is to receive one complimentary copy of the publication (or notification of web site address) containing the material(s) listed on the permission form.

Photograph Fees

Drake Community Library will scan the photograph(s) at resolutions up to 2400 dpi, burn the file to a CD-ROM and mail the CD-ROM to the purchaser.
$2.00 per scan
plus $3.00 per CD-ROM
plus $1.00 per CD-ROM for postage and handling.

email us:   grinlib@iowatelecom.net